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Return & Refund Policy

The satisfaction of each customer is important to Therefore, we spare no effort to ensure that the offered products are of high quality and satisfy your wishes. In cases where the delivered product is damaged or does not conform to the date specified on the website, we offer product replacement or refund in accordance with the conditions below.

The return conditions are an integral part of the terms and conditions of use of the website. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of using the website, you also agree to these return terms.

In what case can I return the product?

Per product return policy, you have the option to return the purchased product if:

A. Just rethink the purchase. It does not apply to the following cases:

• The hermeticity of our product has been broken after delivery and thus the product cannot be returned due to health or hygiene standards;

• the delivered product was inseparably combined with another product due to its characteristics at the time of delivery;

• The product is sealed and its seal was broken after delivery.

B. has not fulfilled its promises:

• the product does not correspond to the order or the characteristics posted on the website;

• the product is damaged;

• the agreed delivery time was violated by;

C. The product has a smell.


The user can refuse the contract without specifying the reason, except for the cases stipulated by the law.

How many days can I return the item?

• If you want to return the product, you need to request within 14 days of receiving the product.

How do I submit a request for a product return/exchange?

• You can request in writing ..... you can write to us in the chat to get additional information.

What procedure should I follow for reimbursement?

• If you want to return the product, the product must be accompanied by all accompanying parts, undamaged product box, accessories, etc. given at the time of purchase. Caucasian Art Circle will cover the cost of return.

How many days will it take to return the product?

• The item will be returned throughout Tbilisi within 24 hours after the application is registered

• In the case of large and small regions, the item will be returned within 5 working days after the application is registered. In the case of the highland region, in 7-10 working days.

• representatives will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the application regarding the return procedure.

How will the refund be made?

After returning the wine, will notify you within 24 hours of a decision on the refund/return status of the product.

In case of a complaint, you will know the decision on refund or replacement of wine within 5 days.

In case of a positive decision, the refund will be made within 5 working days of receiving the notification.

In case of a negative decision, the wine will be returned to you.

How will the returned product be refunded?

• Money can be refunded only by non-cash payment, by crediting the customer to the card account with which the item was purchased.

The procedure for reimbursement of the cost of transportation services:

• will reimburse the cost of the shipping service when the product is returned by the customer.

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